These are crazy times we’re living in. With all the chaos in the world, my goal this summer is to find things that bring joy to the world. Joy isn’t in the things we have, but in the things we do. I’m going to spend the summer being grateful, enjoying playing with my furry pal Westminster, not turning on the TV, laughing as often as possible, and doing something everyday to make someone else’s life a little nicer. Oh, and even if I have to experience the political circus, I can be like my Aunt Jean and have a little fun with the clowns. Watch this! Or this! [New episodes each week!]

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Lifestyle 101 – At My Desk

bruceI think it’s fun to see how people live and work. Here’s a snap of me and my office in the city.

Hansel & Gretel By Paul Heath, the artist known as Dumb.
“Bruce” My sister’s framed 3rd grade essay in which she proclaims me the world’s best frozen French fry chef and ends with “He likes me to just be myself.”
Balloon Santa My doctor’s husband made him for me after my back surgery. (That was two days before Christmas and I’m feeling much better than balloon Santa).
Handmade dog A gift from my friend Barbara when Bedtime Book for Dogs came out.
Fun in a Bottle A game I created and sold years ago.
Middle school yearbooks I’ve been picking away on a memoir.
A WWII Army towel Inscribed with my grandfather Pop’s name.
Assorted photos Scott, Westminster and me (and an early modeling shot)

What does you work space look like?

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