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Idea for a Happy New Year

Thankfully, we’ve survived multiple world end theories and are clicking over to another year… and you know what that means? Resolutions!!!

Here’s a Life 101 ideadon’t make resolutions! Instead, sit in bed on New Year’s morning and make a list of the things you dream of for the year. (From a new job to a more loving relationship, from better health to having more fun… Whatever will make you the happiest and most fulfilled.) Then, put your wish list in an envelope, seal it, write “2013” on the outside, and stick it in your underwear drawer.

I sit in bed every New Year’s Day and open my list from the previous year… I’m always amazed at how the list manifested itself (without the pressure of a “resolution”!) And I’m eager to write my next…

And check out my always GO TO secrets of a happy life.

Wishing all of us peace and joy… and to you and yours a magnificent 2013. xoxo-bruce

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