These are crazy times we’re living in. With all the chaos in the world, my goal this summer is to find things that bring joy to the world. Joy isn’t in the things we have, but in the things we do. I’m going to spend the summer being grateful, enjoying playing with my furry pal Westminster, not turning on the TV, laughing as often as possible, and doing something everyday to make someone else’s life a little nicer. Oh, and even if I have to experience the political circus, I can be like my Aunt Jean and have a little fun with the clowns. Watch this! Or this! [New episodes each week!]

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Saling 101 – Curating treasures

Every Saturday morning of the summer you’ll find me tooling about town with a cup of coffee and pocketful of ones to see what I might find at garage sales. One of the greatest joys of “saling” is putting the pieces of the puzzle together–collecting and curating–to give something a look. At left is the wall of my clubhouse. It’s filled with FUN from fishing rods and horseshoes, to badminton and costumes. All of which I bought one at a time for dimes on the dollar at garage sales. That’s how I think we can find our individual style–what we love–without breaking the bank. As I chronicle in Garage Sale America, I decorated the house at Edgewater Farm from bed frames to teaspoons for less than $5000. All it takes to bring a look to life is some creative thinking, a few bucks, and a Saturday cruise around town. My Life 101 advice: Get out there and hunt for your treasure! You’ll find fun in the process. If you don’t believe me, grab Good Morning America’s Lara Spencer’s I Brake for Yard Sales. She shows her design brilliance and how she decorated Kathy Griffin’s gorgeous house!

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